Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aerotel presented at the M2M conference in Israel

Ofer Atzmon, VP Business Development and Marketing at Aerotel Medical Systems gave a presentation at the M2M (Machine to Machine) Communication Conference, which took place on June 7th, 2012 in Herzliya, Israel.

Atzmon lecture at the M2M congress 2012
In the presentation, which was entitled "Are M2M Health Applications Going to Replace our Doctors?" Atzmon stressed the fact that wireless technologies are a key to the successful implementation of M2M health systems.

M2M health systems can be useful for early detection of acute conditions and for prevention of deterioration. So for example, they can used for vital sign monitoring of blood glucose or heart ECG for homebound patients. M2M systems can also monitor physiological parameters and environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature.

Atzmon said there is a consistent growth in home telehealth and M2M health revenues are expected to triple by 2015.

According to Atzmon, despite the fact that the majority of M2M connected healthcare devices will be consumer-oriented applications, revenues will be driven mainly from the non-consumer segment, due to the significantly higher average cost of such devices.

He added that consumers want to be able to monitor and manage their own health at home. According to IMS Research, medical devices bought by consumers to self-monitor their health will account for more than 80% of all wireless medical devices in 2016.

Atzmon concluded, that despite the fact that M2M technologies can automate many tasks, overcome distances and save time and money, professional doctors still need to review and analyze the data and take informed decision.

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