Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aerotel introduces new telecare safety device in Switzerland

Aerotel Medical Systems introduced a new personal safety and location system in the Swiss market.

The system, GeoSKeeper™, which is offered in Switzerland under the brand name AlarmTouch™ GPS, is distributed by Swiss company GEBOA SA, a leading distributor of interactive mobile solutions and services for security, location and communication. The GPS-based personal telecare safety device is specifically designed to meet the special needs of seniors, children and lone workers.

A report published by Credit Suisse bank indicates that the percentage of those aged 65 years and over in Switzerland will increase from the current 15.4% of the population to 24.3% in 2030.

The AlarmTouch GPS can activate a warning signal or initiate a voice call in case of need, identifying the caller’s location in order to provide the user with immediate assistance.

The wearable personal safety phone enables user remain in close contact with their relatives or caregivers and get immediate help in case of emergency from a tele-assistance center.

AlarmTouch allows two-way voice calls and text messages with an advanced alerting system for enhanced personal security. The product is fully programmable over the air via a user-friendly Web-based interface.

The device has attracted much interest and was presented on the “Nouvo” show on Swiss French TV channel and on Euronews.

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